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Social Network Gold

Dear future social media entrepreneur,

Welcome to one of the most astonishing business guides you will ever see. You’ve found it.

The eBook you are about to read is mostly tutorial… but also part crazy story – of my own incredible “zero to 100” experience


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Get the full tutorial now:

★ 150 pages PACKED with the golden tips that helped me make bank.

★ Actual screenshots of viral posts that got 75,000, 287,000 and even 2 million shares – with a full breakdown of the elements and triggers that caused these
(and hundreds of my other posts) to go viral.

★ How I came to have more Facebook page fans in total than Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Barclays Bank combined! (The “old guard” often completely fail to understand social media).

★ Full analysis of techniques I have used to get 300,000 pageviews in one day to my websites 9 times, 200,000 pageviews in one day a further 15 times and
100,000 pageviews in one day a further 180 times – with frequent “real time Google Analytics” scores of over 1,000 and occasionally over 2,000. (most people are
excited if they get over 100 real time)!

★ Complete step-by-step tutorials for how to get your first 1000 followers on a social media account (I have done this successfully over 50 times and it still works!)

★ Full tutorial explaining how I gained 2 million Facebook fans in the first 12 months – while generating a 6 figure income at the same time.

★ Full details of what I did to generate so much traffic from Facebook that it crashed my web hosting and I had to upgrade it to VPS, then got even more
traffic, crashed that and had to upgrade it again! (this is quite a good problem to have!)

★ A vault of 50 tested viral captions to use for social media posts that give a massive boost to engagement scores. These rock!

★ Why Facebook is NOT dead (it has more users than ever before!) and how to re-ignite a “dead” Fan page (it’s not dead, it’s just sleeping!!) back into an accelerated growth phase without spending any money!

★ Ninja tactics to build a following on Youtube without spending any money on ads even if you don’t have any videos!!! (Yes you really can do this and you won’t believe how easy it is!)

★ Core skills for making graphics that go viral on social media (you don’t need to be a “graphics pro”, but you do need to understand what makes an image go viral!)

★ 26 “Golden Niches” that are massively popular, potentially very lucrative and, importantly, are low risk when it comes to the modern problem of deplatforming and

★ List of niches to be avoided at all costs, with full reasons why. Very important information! Even “internet gurus” are getting this wrong in the
2020’s! The “rules of the game” have changed in the last few years and it’s vital to understand the new social media landscape.

★ How to determine optimal post frequency on Facebook to maximize your growth and income (most “social media gurus” give AWFUL advice on this!)

★ What happens when you REALLY go viral and exact steps you need to take to be ready for it.

★ Detailed outsourcing strategies to reduce your workload, increase your income and scale your business. (I have 8 years experience managing an outsource team).

★ TONS of tested methods for growing a fan base without spending a single dollar on advertising.

★ Ways that pros make money on social media that don’t require you to own a website at all!

★ My best ways to optimize “revenue per visitor” if you do have a website (these tips literally made me hundreds of thousands of dollars!)

★ How to come up with unlimited ideas for content that has the highest chances of viral popularity.

★ Detailed breakdown of the exact graphic design elements that caused a Mr. Beast video thumbnail to get 82 million clicks in 9 months (hint: it’s pure psychology, not
fancy graphic design).

★ Detailed “deep dive” business strategies for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, email marketing and more.

★ Full breakdown of “ninja tactics” used by pros to create huge visibility for free on Youtube, Instagram and more – with clear explanations of the right ways and the wrong ways
to do this. Most people have no idea many of these tactics exist, even though they are right under their noses and you probably see them daily without realizing what they are!

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Social Network Gold
Social Network Gold

Original price was: $48.00.Current price is: $21.00.

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